The Olympics started this weekend and I’m totally into this stuff. The opening ceremony was some sort of brief history of the world – and the (unofficial) national anthem of Wales blew me away.  “Faster, Higher, Stronger” is the Olympic motto and watching these athletes actually deliver is fascinating.  How is it even possible?  How can human beings continue to break world records?  The four year period of dedication, focus and relentless pursuit of excellence is nearly incomprehensible to me.  The performance and Inspirational moments: 39-year-old Jordan Jovtchev makes still rings event final just amazes me.

And … of course that’s what we’re trying to do at i3 Business Solutions.  That’s what we deliver to our customers, too:  Productivity, Profitability & Stability.  We’re focusing on process excellence in order to break some performance records here at i3.

Do I believe that we have the dream team?  Yes I do.  Do I believe that we can be on the podium stand right here in West Michigan.  Yes I do.   i3 Business Solutions is working together to deliver gold medal  West Michigan technology services that accelerate organizational results.

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~ Michael Ritsema, i3 Business Solutions, llc ~

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