We believe that our Information Technology service team is one of the sharpest in West Michigan.  We’re proud of the work we do to support your IT needs.  In addition to involving talented and sharp people to consult with you and provide you with reliable services, we believe that the consistency and quality of our services is also a result of the processes and guidelines we put in place.

One of the areas we are continuously working to improve is the communications from our team.  This year we’re focused heavily in implementing systems and processes to:

  • Centralize dispatching and schedule requests
  • Communicate through our ticketing system
  • Acknowledge receipt of your requests
  • Properly escalate requests so the right person is working on your service request and to improve timeliness of response and resolution

All of these initiatives have been implemented with customer service in mind.  By centralizing our ticket creation, dispatching and scheduling, we can make sure tickets are responded to in a timely manner and backups are activated and in place if your primary technician is tied up at the current time.

A closed loop feature in our service ticketing system has been implemented to allow you, as our client, to respond to emails and append your notes to our service tickets at the same time.  Here’s an example email of what would be sent from our internal service ticketing system:

As with any of your emails, you can just reply to it and it will automatically update the ticket in our system and notify (copy) the resources assigned to it.

If, at any time you would like to create a new service ticket, please email helpdesk@i3bus.com. If you do not have direct access to our customer portal and would like to initiate this access, please submit your request by sending an email to support@i3bus.com.  If, at any time you have suggestions for our support team, please don’t hesitate to call Kathy Labozzetta at 616-719-4130 or email support@i3bus.com.  Or call the Support Center at 877-721-6400.  We’re open to your suggestions on how we can continuously improve our service delivery.

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