The US Department of Homeland Security recently advised people to temporarily disable the Java software on their computers to avoid potential hacking attacks.  This recommendation was issued following concerns by computer security experts.

Experts believe hackers found a flaw in Java’s coding which created an opening for criminal activity and other high-tech mischief.

i3 Business Solutions responded immediately to this advisory.  All of i3’s ReliabilITy customers, those who are under our monthly managed services, received the Java patch as it became available.  i3 is performing automated patching under Reliability of Java to the latest security release.

Some considerations from i3:

  • Some security experts recommend disabling Java completely - this may not be feasible depending on your individual business needs.
  • We can globally or selectively disable Java and will notify you before any changes are made as this change will affect some website functionality.
  • As always, use prudence when clicking links in email, or “allowing” a control to run or install software in a browser.

Our Managed IT Services program takes computer support and network management to a higher level.  With i3’s ReliabilITy we don’t wait for you to call with problems.  Our program is a leading-edge, predictive, problem-solving technology using best practices to reduce risk and prevent problems before they happen.  An up-date regarding Java from

~ Michael Ritsema, i3 Business Solutions, llc ~

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