Data is an important asset – analysis papers dating back to your Advanced Chemistry class in high school; the summation of your undergraduate career neatly categorized in a digital portfolio; the first business model you presented to investors; and last year’s annual report. Perhaps more important than the way you produce data is the means by which you store it.

Do you still keep paper receipts locked away in file cabinets? Is your entire business’ history saved on a series of flash drives? Using various storage systems makes it easier to misplace, lose or forget where an important document is entirely. With The i3 Cloud, there is no more digging through yellowing papers or guessing which flash drive houses which fiscal year. With a WiFi connection, you can access The i3 Cloud from anywhere at anytime whenever you need. Virtually

Cloud Benefits.

  • Cuts capital expense by eliminating the need for expensive equipment purchases.
  • Decreases operating expense by reducing power, cooling and upgrade costs.
  • Boosts responsiveness by quickly spinning up or spinning down virtual servers on demand.
  • Increases productivity, as more time and resources can now be focused on revenue generation.
  • Disaster recovery readiness, as data backed up into the cloud can be easily retrieved.
  • Simplifies billing with one consistent monthly charge for contracted cloud resources.
  • High security, as physical data centers are video monitored 24 hours a day, seven days a week, 365 days a year. Cloud-based firewall prevent unauthorized access to virtual information.
  • Scalable infrastructure that allows your cloud environment to change when your company size does... instantly.
  • Access from anywhere allows access to secured data by any authorized device.

Throughout the month of February, we will be highlighting the benefits of transitioning your business to The i3 Cloud and how we can assist you through the process. To learn more about our cloud services, please visit:

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