Our roots go back to 1992 when two companies were formed by former IBM employees: 21st Century Computer Specialists and SilverLake Resources. These two companies merged in 2004 to form i3. We're approaching a quarter century as a close IBM ally and have followed their industry guidance by association.

ibm-LogoAs a partner, former employee, investor and shareholder, I read their annual report with interest. I believe they clearly see the future of technology and our industry and their direction is instructive. There are no surprises here - only affirmations.

IBM's 2013 Annual Report is telling. IBM's strategy:

  1. We are making markets by transforming industries and professions with data. Analytics of data is primary.
  2. We are remaking enterprise IT for the era of cloud.
  3. We are enabling systems of engagement for enterprises, and we are leading by example: Social. Mobile. Security.
  4. IBM's strategy is CAMS: Cloud, Analytics, Mobile, Social.

Virginia Rometty, IBM Chairman, says, “In its exponentially increasing volume, velocity and variety, data is becoming a new natural resource. It promises to be for the 21st century what steam power was for the 18th, electricity for the 19th and hydrocarbons for the 20th."

This is instructive for our respective business’ future.

Fascinating Facts.

  • The world is generating 2.5 billion gigabytes of data every day - 80% unstructured
  • Market for data analytics is estimated at $187 billion by 2015
  • One quarter of the world's applications will be cloud-based by 2016
  • 85% of new software is now being built for the cloud
  • Cloud computing will reach $250 billion by 2015
  • 70% of people that contact a company by social media expect an answer within five minutes
  • There will be one trillion connected objects and devices worldwide by 2015
  • 84% of Millennials say social content influences what they buy; 70% of Boomers agree

Data, cloud and social engagement are the new basis of competitive advantage. Organizational Leaders will:

  • Drive business outcomes by applying more sophisticated analytics across more disparate data sources in more parts of their organization.
  • Capture the time value of data by developing “speed of insight” and “speed of action” as core differentiators.
  • Use mobile and social to increase speed and responsiveness
  • Use cloud to reinvent core business processes and to innovate

i3 Business Solutions, llc is in the information data management business. I maintain that you, our customers, organizations and businesses, do not care about technology. You care about productivity, profitability, innovation and risk mitigation.

Technology marches on. Our opportunities have never been brighter. The 21st Century natural resource known as information data is the blue ocean of our organizational future. How will we apply information data and enterprise engagement to accelerate business results?

As i3 moves aggressively toward services that help our customers utilize and analyze information including mobile access and cloud productivity in new socially collaborative ways, then we're tracking in the direction of a major industry leader. That remains i3 Business Solutions' objective: help improve your productivity, profitability and innovation by applying technology solutions.

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Published with permission from TechAdvisory.org. Source.