As Mike, Andy and I return from Fort Worth and some management training with our HTG peer companies, we have some observations to share with you.

We are very excited about the industry we’re in and the direction our company is taking. I hope that you share our optimism about what we’re doing as a company and for your career potential at i3.

Investing in education like this helps us to learn from others, hone our offerings and go to market quickly with new ideas while minimizing any research and development, and validating our direction. Process improvement will continue to drive consistency, efficiency, speed, quality and teamwork. Our people will continue to be i3’s greatest asset.

There is strength in embracing necessary change. This has always made our IT career choices demanding and exhilarating. In many ways, we have more responsibility than ever to navigate the challenges of our industry and consult and support our clients. As we’ve discussed many times, changes are happening quickly. It’s the age of cloud computing, and our clients need to know their options on how technology can positively influence their company's success.

As Brian Abraham pointed out recently, our clients don’t know what they don’t know; we need to help them paint a vision where information technology can improve their productivity, where applications can transform the way they do business and where accessible data from anywhere will continue to liberate end users. Having a reliable network and secure data will be key to the utility model for on-demand compute power. End users will continue to lead the charge for change. Having quality business conversations and perfecting the customer’s service experience will be key to how our clients judge our value.


-- Kathy Labozzetta

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