The i3 Business Solutions team is growing and expanding! We are currently seeking potential candidates to fill our IT Consultant - Support Center Technician position. Check out the full description below for further details.

The i3 Service Team is consistent, efficient and smart. This is what we require from you.

Of course an i3 Support Center technician needs to have technical ability, but that's only one bit in the byte. Other requirements for the job include personality and reliability. Here's the details.

Technical Ability: Microsoft server environments are big, but also VMware. Be ready to support these, as well as anything else you'd find in a business network. If you're looking for keywords, please consider: Windows Server, Exchange, Active Directory, GPOs, Office 365, SharePoint, StorageCraft, WatchGuard, Cisco, firewalls, routing and wireless.

Personality: From within i3, you need to get along with the service team (be ready to interview with several of them). The support center consists of technicians who care about the environments they support and the people behind those businesses. This is not a heads-down environment; we select for the skill of human interaction. Any technician at the company must be able to interact positively with all. While the majority of work will be done over the phone, on-site client visits are also part of the job.

Reliability: This last piece is so important that we've named one of our service offerings after it. Be dependable. Account for your work. Do an excellent job even though no one has asked you to do so. Be able to operate independently. If you need help the team is there, but on a "regular" day, it's great to know we have each others' backs.

i3 Business Solutions is only interested in hiring those who have the above traits. The life of an IT consultant is not easy, and it's not for everyone. We are very selective in who we add to the team. With that said, working at i3 is rewarding: We give you the tools you need, high variety in the type of work you can do and the opportunity to advance your career based on i3's needs and your personal preference.

This job is full-time hourly. The pay scale is based on your level of experience. The more of the above abilities you possess, the higher your value to our clients, our team and i3.

Think you fit the bill? Know someone who has all of the assets we're looking for and then some? Apply or forward this position to someone through our Hireology portal. We look forward to hearing from you!

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