It's somehow fitting that Halloween wraps up National Cyber Security Awareness Month as designated by Homeland Security of the federal government. At i3 Business Solutions, we take technology risk management seriously by working with a number of security experts and organizations including David Stelzl, Michael Semel, CompTIA, GRRconand the West Michigan Cyber Security Consortium (WMCSC).

Below we've compiled i3's top five cyber security mandates aligned to Week Five of National Cyber Security Awareness Month:

Change your password! If you haven't changed your password in 2014 (or in years), now is the time to do so. We're talking Facebook, LinkedIn, email and beyond. Change them once per year minimum. If you're technically capable of two-factor authentication, turn that on. And no, please don't use the same password on all of your accounts. Sorry.

Backup your priority stuff! Your important business documents, data and information must be backed up daily and taken offsite. Image-based backups are now best practice.  The CryptoLocker or CryptoWall virus could take you down tomorrow. Your image-based backup will save you. The same holds true for your personal smart phone, laptop and mobile devices. Confirm their backup so that theft, loss or a virus doesn't steal your valuable pictures and data.

Confirm perimeter protection! Ask your information technology provider about your internet perimeter protection. A firewall isn't a good answer anymore. DNS and content protecting Universal Threat Management (UTM) services are now imperative. Don't let the bad guys in and avoiding enabling your employees to have an "Oops, I clicked on the wrong link and took down the whole company" moment.

Educate your users! Forward this post to your employees including Homeland Security's recommendation:

  • "Beware of unsolicited emails or suspicious websites. Never provide your credit card number, bank account information or other personal information in response to an unsolicited email or suspicious Internet web site."
  • "Check website security. When banking and shopping, check to be sure the site is security enabled with "https://" or "shttp://".

Make this week a treat for yourself or company. Don't be tricked by malicious internet threats! Bad stuff happens, and it's impossible to stop all technology threats. Together we can take intelligent action to minimize and thwart their access or impact to our lives and businesses.

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