Whether you realize it or not, there is a strong change you are among the majority of Americans and worldwide users utilizing the cloud for information and data storage every day. Are you still not quite sure what it is or how it works? You're not alone. We've created a quick, simple introduction to cloud capabilities.

What is the cloud? The cloud is a network of servers that work together producing, storing and utilizing information.

Who uses the cloud? Anyone who has an email account or Facebook account (so the majority of the world’s population).

When are you on the cloud? Any time you sign into a computer or mobile device with your personal information and password for an account, you are on the cloud. That’s how easy it is! As you access your account, the computer or mobile device communicates with the cloud (network of servers) to provide you with this information, allowing programs to run.

Where do you access the cloud? The best (or worst) part about the cloud is that it’s always accessible! If you use a web-based application -- an application or software program that you do not have downloaded on your desktop computer -- you have gained access to data stored on the cloud.

How do you access the cloud? You don’t have to change any of your daily habits, most likely, to access the cloud. Have you checked your email, Facebook or DropBox account on your mobile device? If so, you have tapped into the cloud’s enormous “file folder” of stored data.

If you learn better with pictures, check out this interactive infographic from the Goodwill Community Foundation for a creative look at the cloud.

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