The staff at i3 Business Solutions contribute regularly to the Grand Rapids Business Journal blog. This month, Mike Ritsema expands on the learning lessons that have come out of recent data breaches with major companies.

Technology marches on to the benefit and detriment of society — and business. At the business level, we desire four things:

  1. Productivity: do more with less
  2. Profitability: improve or stabilize financial strength
  3. Innovation: differentiation from our competitors
  4. Risk Mitigation: financial, physical and technical risk management

The latest Sony Pictures mega-hack reminds us of the dark side of technology's march forward. While your small business may not be a target for the bad guys, you could be swept up inadvertently or swerve into the CryptoWall Ransomware virus . . . or worse.

Read the rest here on the Grand Rapids Business Journal Blog.

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