Many significant events and trends occurred in the early 1990’s.  Yet one revolutionized the world as we know it now. Hip Hop? No. Leg warmers? No. Cable TV? No. The World Wide Web. Ever since then technology is continuously improving and changing. In the current year of 2015, many new developments will impact those who interact with IT Technology on a daily basis. Here at i3, we believe in being informed of how IT technology can best assist businesses in order to be successful. Here are some of the trends to keep an eye on as 2015 continues:

1.Computing Everywhere

Laptops, mobile phones, and tablets are everywhere. With this in mind, businesses should be aware of how accessible and user friendly their IT is. Mobile users’ needs should become a top priority for businesses.

2. Cloud Computing

Cloud Computing is meeting the needs of businesses worldwide by reducing costs, coordinating offices, and utilizing applications across several devices. Growth will continue as more and more businesses realize the benefits of the cloud and make that move. i3 employees are experts in this thing called the “cloud”. We can help your business make that move.

3. Security Concerns

With the growth of cloud computing, security has become a big concern for most users. Recent hijacks and data breaches have left peoples’ confidence in cloud computing shaken. But not to worry, i3 specializes in equipping customers with a highly secure cloud.

4. Internet of Things

In the most simplistic form the Internet of Things (IoT) is where any and every device will be able to connect to a network and have the capability to communicate with one another.  It will drastically transform how businesses can leverage technology to add value to services.

As 2015 continues to march on, these are some of the trends that will increase in popularity and relevance.


Jim Rouse 
i3 Business Solutions, LLC

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