Office 365 is a service that provides businesses with all the necessary applications and software to effectively and efficiently manage their business. Microsoft offers a couple different subscription plans which allow a business to tailor it to their needs. Office 365 makes great business sense, and here are a few reasons why:

Secure, yet easily accessible     

The Office Applications were designed with security as one of the goals. Office 365 presents a worry-less solution to storing and accessing data. Office 365 can be accessed from several locations whether that be on a tablet, laptop, desktop or a cell phone. This feature allows team members to access the same document from practically anywhere. Each user is allowed to use the desktop applications on 5 computers either at work or at home – it is your decision.

Support & Troubleshooting

With Office 365, Microsoft supports the applications and your business. When the time comes for an update, they implement the updates without interrupting any business functions. Meaning your desktop applications are always up-to-date. If and when there are technical issues Microsoft will support your company in partnership with your IT department. Office 365 assists businesses with risk management because all the data and information is backed up in a secure cloud.


Office 365 works with a variety of operating systems. So no need to worry if your computers are still running with Windows XP SP3, which was first released back in 2008.  There is versatility in what operating systems can be utilized when using Office 365.

Removes Islands of Information

Office 365 allows users to be productive because all the information is together in one easily accessible spot. Files, emails, and contacts sync together in one spot. Thus increasing productivity and effectiveness.

Much More than Microsoft Office

Office 365 includes the full Microsoft suite: Word, OneNote, Publisher, Outlook, PowerPoint, and Excel - all of which are extremely useful. However, Office 365 offers much more than just the Microsoft suite, in the most basic subscription following options are offered:

1. Online versions of Office Programs (Word, Excel, PowerPoint)

2. File Storage and Sharing – 1 TB

3. Business Class Email, Calendar, & Contacts

4. Unlimited Online Meetings which includes the Lync App

5. Corporate Social Network which allows team members to collaborate

6. Supports 300 users

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