Tonight’s the night – the late night with tipoff at 9:18 PM for Wisconsin vs. Duke.  March Madness is some sort of annual tradition for me.  It’s a metaphor for life and affirms my fundamental beliefs:

  • scitech-0314-marchmadness3-640x360I believe that God has a perfect plan for your life.
  • I believe that you can accomplish anything you set out to accomplish.
  • I believe there is greatness in you.
  • I believe that you are a shooting star – destined for eternal greatness.
  • I believe that you’ll overcome the adversity that is before you.
  • I believe that your adversity will not define you – but it will be the foundation for your greatness.
  • I believe that if you choose to reach for the sky, if you choose your battles, you’re destined to fly.
  • I believe that each of us has at least One Shining Moment within us.

I know that we’re not all sports fans.  I also know that there will be an inspirational event at about 11:45 PM tonight.  CBS Sports will be playing the song and video montage of a song written by David Barrett and typically sung by Luther Vandross at the end of March Madness NCAA Basketball tournament.   The Wall Street Journal says, “One Shining Moment is arguably the most famous song in sports.”

Wikipedia states:  “The first verse is about inspiration and hard work. The second verse deals with adversity, ... The bridge includes lines such as "Feel the beat of your heart", … , and "Feel the wind in your face”, ...”  And the last verse is about the effort, not the winning or losing, but one’s willingness to try.  Yup, such is business and life.  You show up every day bring energy, motivation, and consistent work ethic to each day.   You face adversity at home and the office.  Life isn’t perfect and life isn’t fair.  There’s stuff coming at you every day to overcome – but you feel the beat of your heart, the energy that is within you, and the greatness that’s upon you.

Yes, I find the montage inspirational and motivational.  I find the adversity, the challenge, the defeat, and the overcoming downright compelling.

Enjoy last year’s 2 ½ minute montage hereOne Shining Moment 2014 - NCAA Men's Basketball Tournament HQ.  Google search for “One Shining Moment 2015” tomorrow morning or watch it around midnight tonight.

And certainly, embrace and believe for your next One Shining Moment,

Michael Ritsema


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