There’s an app for that. Saucey delivers alcohol from the local liquor store. Luxe works as a valet service. Sprig creates healthy meals and will have it your house in 15 minutes. For those who hate doing laundry, Washio picks up dirty laundry and returns it clean and pressed at an appointed time. Zeel has professionals who come into your home and give you a massage. Shortcut sends a barber to your house.

The list could go on and on. Apps for on-demand services have been rapidly growing, fashioning their business model after Uber in hopes of mirroring, and surpassing, Uber’s success. Today people can get laundry done, a home visit from a doctor, a valet service, alcohol delivered, groceries delivered, and so much more if they have a smart phone and a willingness to pay. There are a few reasons behind the success of such apps. In today’s world, time is money. Although it may be cliché it is becoming more and more evident as people’s schedules fill up and/or they have more money. Some people would rather pay for someone else to do their laundry and clean their house than waste their time when they could be working or enjoying a night out. As technology improves, convenience becomes of higher importance, and smartphones continue to growing in popularity, it builds an environment for the success of these on-demand service apps.

These apps and services fueled by technology also help the economy. Several of the apps partner with local companies. Postmates, for example, delivers from local shops and is in 26 metro areas in 14 states. These apps are all about connecting. Connecting services to those who are in need, connecting businesses to a wider customer base, and connecting jobs to people in need of work.

These great technological advances have not been without their problems. There have been many conflicts between companies and workers. Several of the companies prefer to have their employees be labeled as contractors because of the tax breaks and fewer laws and regulations associated with employing a contractor. Workers are fighting to be categorized as employees to receive more benefits, legal protection and federal minimum wage.

Grand Rapids is still a developing and growing city, and thus far the on-demand service apps have not expanded to GR. But if an app has caught your attention, visit their website and they might just have a waiting list to which you can add Grand Rapids.

I did find 2 on-demand service apps for people in the Grand Rapids area.  Plowz & Mowz is a lawn mowing and snow plowing service. When finished, you will receive a picture of the completed job. Uber offers transportation from your current location to a destination.

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