Mike RitsemaThis month for the Grand Rapids Business Journal, Mike Ritsema discusses the threats of cybercrimes and highlights a proactive approach to minimize the impact on your businesses.

Your small business is at risk of substantial loss due to cybercrime.

Social engineering and phishing are two cybercrimes that threaten both your business’ and employees’ personal lives. They are verbal and email forms of physiological manipulation, respectively.

John Sileo is a nationally recognized specialist on identity theft who has been on 60 Minutes.

Here are a few of the risks or issues Sileo mentions for small businesses:

FDIC $250K insurance does not cover your business. Your personal bank account is protected by the FDIC while your business account is not. Sileo knows. He lost $283,000 and his business to cybercrime.

It’s going to take a year or more to discover you’ve been hacked. You should not wait patiently and hope. It’s a stealth operation, so you’ll need a professional, and the odds are that you’ll never see it coming.

Read the rest of the post and learn how to proactively take steps to protect your company on the Grand Rapids Business Journal.

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