Productivity is very important here at i3. It is the driver of any nation’s economic growth as well as the driver of any business’ economic growth.  We can improve productivity growth by adding people, technology, or process improvement.  We are always striving to improve at what we do, whether that be at the office or in our personal lives.

Here are some tips to increase productivity in throughout your workday.

Outlook is a wonderful tool that helps organize email, schedules, and priority activities. A drawback, however, is the blue notification that appears in the upper right corner of the screen. At least for me, it is very distracting and I tend to click on the notification rather than finishing the current project/thought I was working on.

Productivity Tip: Here are a couple suggestions depending on what works best for you. If you have a major task that needs to be done and cannot afford to have distractions, I suggest working offline. That way no new emails can be received during that time and be a distraction. Or perhaps, schedule specific times on your calendar throughout the day to check your email.  Add the “Work Offline” icon to your Quick Access Toolbar.  When an email contains a to-do item that can be accomplished within a couple minutes, complete it right then and there! Do not mark as follow-up that will only result in wasting more time later on in the day.

Have you ever almost fallen asleep at your desk? Perhaps, you did not eat breakfast or didn’t you’re your cup of coffee. Health plays an important role in being productive.

Productivity Tip: It is a struggle to eat healthy and get enough sleep – there just isn’t enough time in the day for it all. My suggestion: eat a healthy breakfast and drink lots of water throughout the day. As much as possible, get a full night of sleep. Find your eyes drooping in the middle of the day? Go up and down a flight of stairs. That will get your blood pumping and hopefully wake you up.

Often people will surpass the typically eight hour work day. Yet, their to-do list remains the same size. This may be a result of the increasing difficultly to focus on the task at hand as the hours tick away.

Productivity Tip: If you need to work those long days, take breaks throughout the day. Take time today to dream and stare out the window. Take a short walk around the office or even outside. If you can avoid working those long days, do. Do your most demanding work during your most productive times throughout the day and leave the office when you start to drag.  Find your sweet spot.  Are you most productive first thing in the morning, around noon, or later in the day?

Multitasking has become a normal and “desired” trait. However, many studies and people have found that multitasking actually lowers productivity.

Productivity Tip: Value your time more. Only attend the meetings that you absolutely need to be at. This will free up your schedule and allow time to get more done. If you can carve out sometime today to prepare for the tomorrow, you will be ahead and in the end you will be more productive.

Have any productivity tips you found to be helpful? Let us know! We are always looking to improve and would to hear from you!

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