Did you fast this Thanksgiving?  Don’t worry I am not inquiring about a fast from the delicious turkey, stuffing and pumpkin pie. I can tell you that I did consume too much of those delicious foods. (And that’s a whole other blog post.)

I am suggesting, conversely, a fast from technology this Thanksgiving weekend. If nothing else, at least during the main Thanksgiving meal or another family time. Disconnect from technology for one hour and immerse yourself in the present with family and friends. Turn off your phone and the TV for that hour. If turning off your phone causes too much anxiety, leave it on and store it in another room.


I realize this idea is unusual, especially coming from a business who specializes in technology and keeping those systems up and running. But significant benefits have been proven to those who take time to disconnect. In taking a break, it allows your brain to relax, stress levels have been shown to decrease, and productivity increases.

My advice: Take this Thanksgiving weekend and disconnect from technology in these 3 easily applicable ways. When Monday morning comes around, you may be surprised how refreshed you feel and productive you are.

1. Diet

Typically we wait until after the holidays to discuss diets. However, the diet I’m suggesting still allows you to indulge in all those Thanksgiving treats. This weekend, limit your usage and interaction on your social media outlets. Perhaps for you that means that you will only check your email once a day rather than constantly. For me, it means limiting my time spent mindlessly scrolling through Facebook.

2. Do Something

Now as simplistic as this solution is, it often gets overlooked and forgotten. We should not be getting more snow this weekend, so take advantage of the crisp fall air and take a walk, run, or bike ride. It is a great way to get the blood pumping, avoid technology and make room for more treats (or work off those already eaten.) If you incorporate activities into your weekend that are not compatible with technology, it will be a sure fire method to disconnect.

3. Be Present

Recently, I went to a restaurant and noticed that all four family members had a screen in front of them. All the conversations happening were not with the people within a 5 foot radius, rather with people who could be miles away. Instead of striving to stay connected to those miles away, focus on the people within a few feet. Take time to talk to those surrounding you and simply be mentally present.

As a gregarious connected social animal, I can assure you that the above recommendations work for me, require intentional focus, and change my day to day routine.  Join me in a Thanksgiving fast - of sorts.

Michael Ritsema
i3 Business Solutions, LLC

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Published with permission from TechAdvisory.org. Source.