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There is a new variant on ransomeware virus that is currently spreading. It has a few different names with the most common name of “LeChiffre”. This virus is very robust and will attack large portions of the network. In some cases it will also attack backup files and systems and leave clients with no valid recovery. If you get infected and do not have off site backup there is a chance your backups will become infected as well.

What to do right away:

  • Send a warning to everyone in your company
  • Do not open a link or attachment unless you are expecting it
  • If you receive an email that looks suspicious contact the sender (your friend, Amex, FedEx, PayPal, etc…) and ask if they intended to send this to you
  • Suspect everything

What to do long term:

Confirm that you have a disaster Recovery plan.

Assure that your servers are backup up, tested, and offsite (preferably with a DR imaging technology.)

Currently we have the following options available to our clients. i3 best practices include one or more of these options from us or someone else reliable. Make sure they are monitored and tested regularly:

  • RapidRestore DR
  • RapidRestore HA

i3's best practices include multiple layers of security. Today we have the following levels of security available for our clients:

  • Reflexion spam filtering
  • Webroot AntiVirus
  • UTM Firewall service
  • CloudDNS internet protection
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