teladoc-inc-screenshot-iphone-mobileTis’ the season of sniffles and sore throats. Every wintery season, brings about a dreaded cold or virus. Typically, one may stock up on cough drops, herbal tea, and tissues. But downloading a new smartphone application seems a little out of place. Most of us would not think to reach for a smartphone when feeling ill, however health care companies are changing this with recent video apps that connect patients to doctors online.

An article from the Associated Press discussed the rise in virtual doctor appointments and the benefits that may arise from the service. The article explained that this shift to a virtual doctor comes from overbooked primary doctors and patients’ busy schedules. Not only this, but insurers and employers are looking at this as a chance to save money on expensive visits to doctor’s offices and immediate care clinics.

I personally decided to give the virtual doctor a shot by trying out one of the leading healthcare service, Teladoc.  i3 Business Solutions uses this service for our team members for a very reasonable monthly fee.

I’ve had allergy problems for a number of years – but the various medicine put me in a fog.  This summer I decided to schedule an appointment with Teladoc.  I logged onto my account, described my ailment, and waited for the appointment schedule.  A request came back for 8:00 PM on Sunday night.  I accepted.

At 8 PM on Sunday evening I was sitting in my easy chair watching TV, surfing Facebook, and anticipating the call.  Sure enough, at 8 PM the Teladoc app lit up with a video call and I was talking to the Doctor.  I muted the TV and started discussing my allergic history and experience.  We landed on a solution which I’ve implemented and use to this day.

Wow, talk about convenient.  Do I really have to drive down the road and stand in front of a physician for every little ailment?  How about the flu bug and various colds that sweep our communities?  I vividly remember heading to the doctor with our children only to be told, “Yup, that’s the nasty flu bug that everyone’s getting.  He or she will be fine.”

Technology marches on – straight into improved medical care while lowering costs.

Welcome to America and disruptive innovation.

 Mike Ritsema

i3 Business Solutions, LLC


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