Critical Fixes

Calling all Microsoft Windows users and anyone with Adobe Flash Player or Java… it’s update time! Microsoft, Adobe, and Java have all released numerous updates dealing with substantial security issues.

Thanks to an article from Krebs On Security, we have listed several of the 10 critical Fixes Issued for Windows, Java, and Flash the article provides. The updates for each of the browsers and information on how to update your desktop services are the following:

  • Internet Explorer: Internet Explorer has one very important update that repairs over a dozen security issues.
  • Microsoft Edge: Microsoft Edge is also in need of on update in order to patch up flaws that have to do with vulnerable identifiers. For a more in depth list on Microsoft you can visit the security vendor, Qualys.
  • Adobe: Updates for Flash Player were released to fix a number of security problems that have become very prevalent.  However, the article advises you to double check your version of Flash before updating. The good news is Chrome and Internet Explorer should “auto-install” the newest version of Flash when restarting your browser. If you are unsure which version of Flash you may have on your computer, this page will tell you and let you know if you are due for an update.
  • Lastly, Krebs On Security, advises Flash users to only have the program running when you need it. This is recommended for security reasons. The article explains that no one should keep their Flash Player running all of the time. You can read more on how to turn off your Flash Player here.
  • Java: A security update and an emergency security update was also issued for Java JRE in order to fix a “DLL side loading bug”.  However, the writer urges Java users to treat it like Flash, and to only run the program if and when you need it. Otherwise, it is advised to unplug it.
  • If you have a need for Java, the article provides guidelines for minimizing the chance for hackers to take advantage of flaws in the platform while installing it. You can also Read here to see how to disable the player in your web browser.



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