Unfortunately for Google, this year's prank was not all fun for some of their users.

Google is known for their annual office pranks and lighthearted April Fools traditions. This year they came up with a feature called Mic Drop, and it was intended for users to have the last word in a long chain of emails by sending a silly GIF of a Minion character dropping a microphone (see picture below).

Users could choose to send the GIF by clicking the 'Send + Mic Drop' button, located right next to the regular 'Send' button in Gmail.

Sadly, many unsuspecting Gmail users complained about the Mic Drop button being placed too close to the normal Send button, after unknowingly sending the cartoon image to their business contacts and bosses.

Google has apologized for their prank that seemed to of caused more annoyance than laughter. The button has also been turned off incase you fear of sending a similar email.

For any office pranksters interested in learning about a few more tricks from this year, click HERE (we promise it's not spam).


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