Summarized by Molly Luxem, Marketing Assistant

In a time when Internet usage is so notorious, the leakage of online credentials is remarkably unnerving. Some renowned companies, such as Facebook and Netflix, recently became aware of password intrusions when user credentials were posted online at numerous sites and services. These companies are in routine of sorting through huge data leak inflation for documentation that match those of their customers and then requiring a password reset for those users.

What’s happening here is that Facebook, Netflix, or any other company who wants to can take a collection of exposed passwords that have already been gathered or calculated and simply disorder those passwords with whatever one-way scrutinizing implement(s) they use privately. Thereafter, it’s just a matter of locating any overlapping email addresses that use duplicate passwords.

To avoid being included in megabreaches, be sure to use different passwords for each of your login credentials. This will help protect your Internet identity from being predicted or solved.

To read the full story from Krebs on Security, Click Here.

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