Written by James Lijewski, Level 3 Network Technician/Support Center Team Leader

Be on the lookout for more phishing attempts. This went to my Junk Email folder in my Outlook, and happened to notice it when checking for other items. Moved it to my inbox, and looks like it’s an attempt to get us to go to a malicious website.

"Huh, we billed someone in error? I should check this out. This guy's upset," said President Mike Ritsema when he received the same email.

Cadwalader, Wickersham and Taft appears to be a legitimate law firm, however, but it doesn’t appear to have come from them (spoof message probably). The link they sent goes to a website in Japan, and is not a .doc file. There appears to be no SPF record for cadwalader.com, and the email appears to have come from Hotel Indigo in Jacksonville, FL…

i3 Mandate:

  1. Caution first! If it’s questionable or an unknown vendor or customer – exercise extreme caution. Inbox paranoia is a virtue against cyber threats. Don’t click on the email link – unless you know its source.
  2. Educate your team. Send this link or email to your team to increase their paranoia.

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