Written by James Lijewski, i3 Business Solutions Network Technician & Support Center Team Leader

If you’re using Office 365, are you making the most of it? While many simply use it for email, there may be many other features you have available to you, but not be using.

Currently, your employees may be collaborating on projects or documents by first having an employee create a file, completing their portion, then sending the file to the next person, and so on. This process gets exponentially complicated when more than two individuals needs to work on documents together. Person1 may start a document and send it to Person2. Person2 adds their information to the document and send it Person3. At this point Person1 realizes they need to add something else, then add their information, and resend it to Person2. At this point, multiple versions of the file are out there and you can get into a scenario where you have inconsistent data and multiple versions of files.

Collaborating on a single document in SharePoint would alleviate this issue. Creating a document in SharePoint allows multiple users a single place to keep the document so everyone can access it. While a file share (which most companies are already using) solves part of this problem, there is another key benefit, which is co-editing a file in real time. Now, if you needed three people to collaborate on a PowerPoint or other document, all three employees can all work real-time on the same document, hosted in the cloud. This becomes extremely valuable when some employees are working remotely, as well as getting multiple workers to collaborate on a document on a short deadline.

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