A #1 New York Times Bestseller, Make Your Bed is written by a former US Navy Admiral, William H. McRaven. This is what our customer service team lead, Kathy, wrote to our i3 team earlier this week:

I don’t know about you, but beyond audio books, I like small books – less than 150 small pages that are easy reads and easy to carry around. I’m at the tire store right now getting my snow tires off and I load up my purse with a small book like this to pull out at any time. I have read this one a couple times now – it’s that good. If you would like to borrow some of my small books, I would be happy to share them with you. Just let me know.

This “Make Your Bed” book is full of very short stories about Admiral McRaven’s experiences in the Navy – particularly with the Navy Seals. The book is a follow up to a commencement speech he gave on May 17, 2014 to the graduating class of the University of Austin. He shares ten principals he learned during Navy SEAL training that helped him overcome challenges not only in his training and long Naval career, but also throughout his life. He explained how anyone can use these basic lessons to change themselves and the work for the better. ….Wow - the discipline it requires to be in the military!

The “cliff notes” on this particular book (10 stories and lessons) are as follows:
1. Start Your Day with a Task Completed
2. You Can’t Go It Alone
3. Only the Size of Your Heart Matters
4. Life’s Not Fair – Drive On!
5. Failure Can Make You Stronger
6. You Must Dare Greatly
7. Stand Up to the Bullies
8. Rise to the Occasion
9. Give People Hope
10. Never, Ever Quit!

The 1st story: A Simple Lesson about Discipline to Make Your Bed to Start out Your Day – is a favorite and helped me during a particularly rough time in my life.

Hopefully I’ve motivated you to listen to his speech or better yet, read his small book. And, if you do, I’m confident that you, too will find it inspirational!

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