I believe that lifelong learning is a key to fulfillment and joy in life.  We spend our first 18 years of life in some form of structured learning – then how do we continue to grow and learn?

Well, again, I submit that willingness to keep learning and growing is a key to one’s journey and destination in life.

That growth – or improvement – can occur in a number of areas:  physical, spiritual, physical, business or financial, mental, and emotional.

Advanced degrees, certifications, and trade skills are wonderful and part of continuous learning.

Beyond that, one’s focus on personal, relational – communication growth can impact your future in profound ways.  The aha moments for me came from a variety of books and come in a handful of categories:

Infographic for best books for growth

Download this infographic here, or find this list online: http://a.co/8r931yX 

Again, we spend around 18 years building a worldview based on our education and upbringing.  Some of us extend that further with some degrees or certifications of higher learning.  I submit that we all can choose to continue our education in structured ways by attending classes, listening to webinars, and reading books.

I further submit that personal introspection and growth may serve us better than any other investment in our continuing education.

Mike Ritsema,
i3 Business Solutions

You can find the direct links to the books below:

Personality – behavior understanding:  DiSC

Environment – upbringing – family

Communication Skills – relationship – understanding

Mindset – perspective – belief – risk of failure:

  • MindsetChanging the way you think to fulfill your potential by Dr. Carol S. Dweck

Strengths vs. Weaknesses - talent focused

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