Mission & Vision

What WE are all about

i3 Business Solutions is committed to the following objectives and values:

  • Applying the latest technology with the right people and processes to save our business customers money and maximize their success.
  • Encouraging the right performance-driven technology professionals to realize their personal and professional talents.
  • Accepting responsibility for the challenge of delivering honest, professional and measurable business results to both i3 and our customers.
  • Respecting and developing relationships with our team, customers, partners & vendors as evidenced by forthright communication & unconditional positive regard for others.
  • Believing that our greatest asset is our word displayed by our honest business and integrity.
  • Serving our customers to add definable value.
  • Deserving a reputation as our customer’s trusted advisor.
  • Earning a profit while also delivering impeccable services to our clients.
  • Giving to and participating in charitable organizations that fit our philosophical profile.