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During this unprecedented Coronavirus COVID-19 worldwide pandemic, could we pause for a little levity? Why did I send you 3 sheets of toilet paper as an emergency kit? Here's the rest of the story. My wife and I raised four (4) children who are all married with children today. That's a six (6) person family. Somewhere around 25 years I realized we were going through, I swear, a roll of toilet paper per day. You know the scene: toilets piled deep with unflushed toilet paper. The story is legendary in our family that I finally snapped and hauled a roll of toilet paper to the dinner table and taught my children not only how much toilet paper to use - but how to use it. I'll spare you the details - but I can assure you that this Hollander taught my family that three (3) sheets of toilet paper, given high enough quality, is plenty for any job. Lastly, during this Coronavirus COVID-19 crisis, at least one of my children had the same conversation with their family! If you'd like the rest of the story and details - email, call, or schedule a meeting with me! Choose any of my FREE offers to you during this Coronavirus COVID-19 pandemic:

  • Microsoft Office 365 TEAMS tips, tricks & training direct to your company
  • Traction EOS book by Gino Wickman delivered complimentary to your office with a 30-minute meeting
  • Roll of 2-ply Toilet Paper, along with the rest of the story, delivered complimentary to your office with a 30-minute meeting
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Private: Bill Fisher

i3 Business Solutions consistently proves itself to be the right partner. They’ve been very responsive and very helpful. They give us quick turn around on quotes and competitive pricing, and they definitely follow through on issues. They have a very knowledgeable staff.

It’s given us ...Read More

Bill Fisher
Technology Support
Grand Valley State University

The i3 Business Solutions team is more knowledgeable than my past IT firms. The depth and breadth of the knowledge is much greater.  Since we have some uncommon computer related connections, we need IT that can plug into our strange needs.

i3 is flexible and easy to work with.  I needed ...Read More

Jim Pleune
Philips Machining Company