Steve Gillmor’s Blogosphere: “RSS for Food

June 23rd, 2004

Steve Gillmor's Blogosphere: "RSS for Food"

"Sean Gallagher may not have coined the term, but his early use of the phrase Blogging for Food to describe my old CRN blog continues to resonate. While most bloggers don't derive direct income from their sites (save for some Google bucks,) they certainly take advantage of viral marketing, brand management, and the virtual equivalent of a pan-handler's pasteboard sign on 25th and Lincoln.

BW Online | June 21, 2004 | Big Bang!: “Within the…

June 15th, 2004

BW Online | June 21, 2004 | Big Bang!:

"Within the next five years, industry analysts say, practically every machine in the wide realm of communications -- every gadget that sings, talks, beams images, or messages -- will sport a powerful computer and a network connection.