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Without the right IT department, your business will run into the following problems


#1 Reputation damage

When a breach happens, the big question will be: "Have you been responsible with IT?" and "Were you prepared for situations like this to happen with good backups?"


#2 Government fines, legal fees, lawsuits

The courts are not in your favor if you expose client data to cybercriminals. Even small businesses have important obligations to its customers to tell them if they experience a breach.


#3 Cost, after cost, after cost

The average cost of a data breach is $225 per record comrpomised - after factoring in IT recovery costs, lost revenue, downtime, fines, legal fees, etc. Multiply $225 by the number of clients and employees you have and you'll have your answer.


#4 Bank fraud

If your bank account is accessed and funds are stolen the bank is NOT responsible for replacing those funds.

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