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Rooted in distribution ERP software solutions, i3 has unmatched expertise when it comes to your industry

Manufacturers and distributors in the Greater Grand Rapids Area choose us for their computer network support

And here are some of the reasons why:


Our specialty is in distribution and manufacturing – Our founders, Kathy Labozzetta and Mike Ritsema, have extensive experience in distribution and manufacturing software.


We have a team of 20 techs and over 30 support employees to grow your business – Our ReliabilITy R3 service was developed utilizing our many years of expertise, ensuring consistent execution from your shop floor.


We have a $1,000 guarantee on your ERP or accounting data – Our RapidRestore R3 Backup and Disaster Recovery service and Foundation Security program will keep your data always available. Otherwise, we pay to have it recovered and pay you an additional $1,000.


We pride ourselves on our 1-hour response time – If you have a system-wide outage for any reason, an engineer will resolve it in 5 minutes or less.


Our clients benefit from our strategic business reviews – We’ll talk about IT implementations that improve your processes and mitigate risks, while being aligned with best practices.


We’ve lived and breathed distribution and manufacturing software for more than 20 years – We have what it takes to keep your production process on track and get orders out the door fast.

Whether you only need to add a “checklist
process excellence”
to ensure risk and security management, or want to switch from your
existing tech provider, i3 is a good fit.

If you're looking for help with shop floor and warehouse management, bills of
materials, routing, EDI, or FedEx/UPS shipping, then you're in the right place.

Our technicians will not only handle the IT support at your organization, but they’re also comfortable taking on the demands of monitoring and managing your IT infrastructure.
i3 will make sure your production and distribution continue without interruptions.

Guilty by proven results

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