Partner Letter

We do coffee after church on Sunday mornings. Sometimes we miss church, but we never miss coffee. It’s true: ladies at one table, men at the other.

My friend, Roy Harvey, shown here is a man’s man. He’s a former fireman, built his own log cabin home, hunts, fishes, teaches concealed weapons classes, and now cuts down trees for a hobby or job. I’m not worthy ...

We were talking and Roy hauled out a decade plus old story about a smoke-filled house that had a flash explosion. He got out safely but went back in to find his fellow firemen. To prevent these flashes, they aerate through windows. He told stories of smashing windows to ventilate – but pausing due to Fabergé’ Eggs in the window sill. They set those aside then smashed the window. He told of a fireman who was ready to tip a china cabinet over to get to a window when Roy stopped him, “Whoa, there are valuables in there. Slow down.” He told a story of his father in a smoke-filled house gasping for air, going to smash a window for a breath of fresh air, and smashing open a china cabinet by accident. He found a little fresh air in there. Oops, forgiven for that one. Roy told of piling furniture in the middle of the home, covering it in plastic and tarps to protect the property from the water dripping from the soaked upstairs fire extinguishing.

I said, “Roy, you weren’t in the business of putting out fires, you were in the business of property protection.”

“Exactly, Roy said, we did everything we could to minimize property damage. Putting out the fire was part of that process.”

Whoa! This conversation caused me to pause and ask, “What business are we in? Are we in the business of stopping cyber-threats, Wanna-Cry Ransomware, and viruses?”

I read an article over the weekend that said every technologist is now in the technology security business. Well, this all may be true ... and ...

i3 Business Solutions is in the business of accelerating business results. That includes:

  • Improving productivity & efficiency
  • Mitigating cyber threats and technical security risk
  • Improving profitability and innovation.

Pause a moment to reflect on what business you’re in? Are you ‘just’ putting out fires or protecting property and assets?

Mike Ritsema

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