Upgrade your tech... and let Uncle Sam pay for it.

Take advantage of Section 179 in 2017 with NO payments until 2018!

Whether it's upgrading to a new Surface or replacing that old phone system, now is the time to make improvements before the clock runs out!
  • IRC Section 179 allows businesses to fully deduct up to $500,000 of qualifying equipment or software from 2017 income.
  • Includes the FULL PURCHASE PRICE of Financed or Leased equipment installed in 2017.
  • Now through December 31st, pay NOTHING! We'll finance what Uncle Sam doesn't cover.

The Bottom Line?

If you are considering a major technology or other equipment purchase in the near future, you should act soon to take advantage of what is available now, before it’s too late. Remember that in order to qualify for these deductions; the assets must be placed in service in the year you are taking the deduction.

Let us help you make the most of your tax reductions!