Request a network risk and security assessment with i3

What’s included in the assessment?

Client Risk Summary:

This report is a summary of your assessment and creates an overall “risk score” based on our assessment.

Full Assessment Report:

This includes every detail about your network. The report is organized by section with a table of contents to help you locate the specific findings of interest, highlighting problem areas that make it easy to spot individual problems to be rectified.

Network Site Diagram:

Provides a map of the network and devices at a high level.

Asset Detail Report:

This section is ideal for cataloging and documenting the complete settings and configurations for individual workstations and servers - it can also be used as documentation in the event of a major disaster.

Technology Action Plan:

A step-by-step plan to remedy issues found, and a road map to preventing future issues.

Who qualifies for the report?

West Michigan or greater Grand Rapids proximity – West of I-75 and South of Mackinaw City.
Nearly any organization with 10 or more users.

Other conditions:

Assessments will be scheduled as soon as a team is able to meet with you.
i3 Business Solutions has the right to refuse service at any time.
This offer may be canceled at any time with no notification to either party.