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What is i3's Fortress Security Services?

As part of i3 Business Solutions' ReliabilITy R3 service, we deliver both checklist process excellence and a Raving Fans service experience. i3 Business Solutions' Fortress Security Services builds on the foundational ReliabilITy R3 technology risk mitigation service with sequential Cybersecurity protection to protect your business.

Technology marches on as does technology threats and attacks. i3 Business Solutions is continuously improving and expanding our service to address these threats.

Why am I going to need a risk and security assessment?

  • The threat landscape is changing dramatically - faster than legacy tools can keep up with
  • Controls put in place yesterday may not be able to stop the threats today
  • Attackers are constantly discovering new ways to get to your data
  • There are unidentified risks that an organization may not be aware of based on new vulnerabilities

More than anything, a risk assessment brings light to known and unknown vulnerabilities within your organization. We will help you analyze the current effectiveness of security control and ensure current regulations and laws are being adhered to.

Frequently Asked Questions

Based on the initial on site consultation, i3 Business Solutions will complete a High Level Qualitative Risk & Security Assessment of your environment. For more details, please visit our assessment page.
Once your credentials are in a hacker's hands, they can easily sell your private data to anyone on the Dark Web.
The question is not whether you will be attacked, but when. As our client, you will be able to sleep knowing that your organization has the best security practices put in place.
With i3 Fortress Security Services, we will implement a training program for all company executives.

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