Distribution & Manufacturing

The top 6 reasons why manufacturers and distributors in the Greater Grand Rapids area choose us for their computer network support:

  1. We specialize in working with manufacturers and distributors.
    Most IT providers say all companies are the same because they all use computers and there is nothing unique about them. We understand that’s not the case. We understand your incredibly hectic and stressful work schedule and why it’s absolutely critical to remove obstacles, frustrations and technical problems to keep you productive. We understand your desire to eliminate waste, extra steps, work-arounds and manual labor.

  2. We have a team of 20 techs and over 30 employees to keep you in business.
    If you’ve outgrown your current tech provider or need to add “checklist process excellence” to assure risk and security management, then i3 Business Solutions may be a fit for you. i3 has over a decade of developing our ReliabilITy R3 service which assures consistent execution for your shop floor.

  3. We guarantee you will never lose your ERP or Accounting data.
    Clients that enroll in our RapidRestore R3 backup and disaster recovery service & Foundation Security program can sleep at night knowing their data will always be available to keep their business producing. If you lose data, we will pay to have it recovered and pay you an additional $1,000.

  4. We guarantee a 1-hour response time.
    We know that your business relies on technology to operate. As a result, if you have a system wide outage for any reason, we guarantee to have an engineer work on that in 5 minutes or less.

  5. We hold Strategic Business Reviews with our clients.
    We know that you put a ton of value on improving processes and innovations within your business. That’s why we make it a point to meet with you on an annual or semi-annual basis to review your organization. We talk through how we can implement changes to improve your processes by leveraging technology and new risk mitigation recommendations that align to i3’s best practices.

  6. We have been supporting manufacturers and distributors in Grand Rapids for almost 20 years.
    i3 Business Solutions’ genesis goes back to a couple companies that spun out of IBM in 1992. Both partners at i3 specialize in manufacturing and distribution software. i3 has lived, learned, and specialized in this industry vertical for over a quarter century. Everyday experience with wireless scanners, Zebra printers, ERP software, EDI, shop floor data collection, and more assure our clients we can keep your production process on track and get orders out the door.

Our experience with businesses like yours

In the mid-1980s the IBM Corporation had trouble finding qualified technicians, profiled the right fit, and landed on those with college teaching degrees. Kathy Labozzetta parlayed her teaching degree into her job at the Grand Rapids IBM office in midrange systems. In 1992, Labozzetta left IBM to start Silverlake Resources, an IBM Business Partner delivering Daly.commerce Distribution software to that industry. The distribution consulting business grew to include MAPICS manufacturing software in the mid-1990s.

In 1990, Mike Ritsema was recruited out of the distribution industry to sell IBM midrange systems at an IBM Business Partner tightly tied to IBM. How? Find distribution companies who are looking for new DRP - Distribution Resource Planning software. Surprise! It runs on IBM mid-range hardware. After seven years in distribution, Ritsema spent 3 years working with MAPICS software helping West Michigan manufacturing firms prepare for the Y2K - Year 2000 transition.

In 2001, Ritsema along with investors bought 21st Century Computer Specialists. Ritsema and Labozzetta merged their two firms in 2004 to create i3 Business Solutions, LLC.

Today, the predominant and specialized market i3 serves with its ReliabilITy R3 managed services is manufacturing and distribution. If you're looking for help with shop floor, warehouse management, bills of material, routing, EDI, FedEx & UPS shipping, then you're in the right place.

Not only do our techs handle the technology at your firm, they're comfortable taking on the demands of your complicated technology architecture. i3 will make sure production and distribution continue uninterrupted.

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