Eric Bowers

Our production team and executives use live production data and related charts to measure operational KPIs. Our production machines provide real time run data, which is collected, aggregated, and reported in a cloud environment. We needed 24x7x365 LAN and Internet uptime, as well as network changes to make our production machine connections more stable and reliable.  The i3 team worked around our production schedule and helped us transition to an improved network infrastructure, resulting in zero downtime since the change.

i3 Business Solutions provides a more complete analysis and solution than simply pursuing one perceived remediation. They typically approach customer issues from a preventative standpoint, preferring to resolve them by getting to the root of the problem. There seems to be more high-level planning taking place, and proposed changes are targeted at preventing future issues.

If you want a team of experts in Grand Rapids or West Michigan to take on some or all of your IT responsibilities, or if you’re interested in a team that follows best practices in providing total business solutions, then choose i3 Business Solutions!  The i3 team provides the kind of operational excellence and attention to detail I expect.

IT Manager
Butterball Farms, Inc.