Written by Mike Ritsema, President & Partner

Peer Groups have so impacted Kathy and me at i3 Business Solutions that Mary Witte and I decided to start a group right here in West Michigan.

While there are many options for peer networking available including Vistage, GR Chamber, and more – this peer group will have a little different focus.  I have read hundreds of business books and attended 30 years of conferences, keynotes, and webinars.  I am now certain that they all say the same thing – in a little bit different way.  We will use these many resources to organize our discussions in a very specific way.

WMPG is for the business CEO, President, or Owner exclusively.  The Peer Group will use this cadence or focus:

  • People             Leadership – management
  • Personal          Accountability – perspective
  • Performance   Plans – metrics

WMPG connects you to peers just like yourself dealing with the same opportunities and challenges you face daily.  Answers come not from theory – but from actual personal experience.

Its focus will be “Execute” connected to monthly or quarterly singular goals.

The cost is $10 per meeting for lunch.
The first meeting is Wednesday, February 15 at noon.

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