Get a complete security assessment

Assessing your security posture with a 3rd party partner can be critical to pinpointing vulnerabilities within your environment.

Small and medium sized companies all across Michigan are consistently falling victim to intrusion, data breach, encryption, ransomware, and well orchestrated phishing attacks. Valuable data is hacked, customer information is leaked, and hackers demand ransoms to return stolen assets. We've seen that small to medium-sized businesses are being targeted at a growing rate.

i3 Business Solutions will provide a risk assessment at no cost to qualifying businesses within the Grand Rapids area. Additionally, we deliver fully consultative cybersecurity assessments to internal IT management teams by leveraging an array of toolsets and applying project driven roadmaps with solutions that are customized to fit your organization. Our Fortress Cybersecurity services are built and priced for small to medium businesses right here in Grand Rapids, the State of Michigan, and the greater West Michigan area.

Not sure where to start?
Get a complete security assessment.

You’ll learn what specific vulnerabilities your company has and receive a priority based roadmap with a checklist how to keep your business safe.

We partner with the leading providers of protection and endpoint security.

Comprehensive IT Cybersecurity at a Low Cost

Traditionally, IT security costs (like firewalls and antivirus software) have been static, annual renewals that are only thought about when it’s time to renew. Check them once per year. But IT security threats are constantly evolving—and your cybersecurity has to evolve with them.

At i3 we approach cybersecurity differently. Our IT experts update and monitor your network in real-time to simplify your data security costs and take the guesswork out of cybersecurity. We do this by partnering with a 7/24/365 Security Operations Center (SOC) with over 120 cybersecurity experts vigilant to technology.

You also get regular phishing tests sent to every employee. The corresponding education & training mitigates your biggest risk: human error - improving the human firewall. We even alert you when one of your employee’s email and password ends up for sale on the dark web.

Comprehensive IT Cybersecurity

More importantly, our checklist is longer and more comprehensive than your current IT ‘guy’ or managed technology provider (MSP). The i3 Fortress Cybersecurity Framework is built on the NIST and CIS v8 Controls.

Isn’t it time you had the best solution from a trusted provider with a proven track record of keeping companies like yours safe?

Let’s talk soon about:

  • Secure firewalls with 24/7 software updates and annual hardware replacements, so you’re always protected.
  • Cloud-based, robust antivirus software and web security software scans in real-time to keep you protected without affecting performance.
  • Email configuration services with optional encryption to lessen the chance of malicious emails reaching your inbox.
  • Realistic regular phishing tests, employee education, and dark web monitoring to reduce the liability of human error.
  • Real-time monitoring of outbound Internet connections, making sure you’re actually going where you think you’re going online—and not to a malicious site.

i3 leverages the technologies of the finest endpoint security and cybersecurity SOC services in the
business, with SentinelOne, Perch, and ConnectWise Fortify and among our vendors.

With our SentinelOne deployment, your company will even get a million dollar ransomware guarantee!

Want to Find Out Where The Criminals Will Attack You?

Reach out to the i3 team today to set up a network assessment. The info is yours to keep—even to take back to your current IT team.

Well Trained Staff

A Well-Trained Staff: Your Best Defense

The biggest threat to your business isn’t an outside attacker—it’s unaware employees. All it takes is one employee accidentally clicking on a bad email or opening a malicious attachment for your entire business to be compromised.

The best defense? Regular training for your staff on what to look for and what they can do to stay safe. Data security training should be part of your new employee onboarding, and staff should be retrained regularly.

i3 will work with you to customize data security training to fit your company’s specific needs and budget.

Whether it’s regular, in-person training at your office or recorded webinars for new employees, we can create a training system to help your employees become your first line of defense.

Read our blog for deep dives into security topics like phishing, ransomware, CEO Impersonation attacks, and more.

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