i3 Incident Response Plan (IRP) Services

Over 250 years ago, Ben Franklin said: "If you fail to plan, you are planning to fail!”

When cybersecurity incidents occur, the worst case for your company or organization is not having a disaster recovery or incident
response plan. i3 Business Solutions can deliver the services to make sure you never face that worst case scenario.

i3 has over a decade of technology security experience delivering checklist process excellence and securing small businesses in the
State of Michigan, West Michigan, and greater Grand Rapids area. Our Fortress Cybersecurity Services deliver the confidence you
need to help you sleep well. What keeps you up at night? Take technology cybersecurity off that list with i3 Fortress proactive Incident
Response Planning (IRP) Services.

Should your organization face ransomware, encryption, bitcoin demands, spear phishing, a technology cybersecurity breach, or other
cybercrime incident, then call i3 Business Solutions for help. 616-719-4100. We have the IRP resources and process to help including
insurance, legal, authority, and technical ramifications to assure your recovery is expedited and handled correctly.



i3 has responded to cybersecurity incidents and has the specialized skills, hands-on real-world experience, and the incident response process or plan (IRP) that sets us apart in our ability to quickly and effectively manage an incident.

i3 Business Solutions has the experience. We have remediated entire network encryption with ransomware, malware, and business email compromise cases for organizations in various industries. We’ve continuously improved our checklist process and protocol excellence and streamlined our systems for getting your organization back up and running in a timely manner.

How would your organization manage a cyber attack?

Here's how we can help!

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Tabletop Exercise

i3 can test your organization against a variety of simulated cyber-attacks. A Tabletop Exercise assesses the viability (or existence) of your organization’s Incident Response Plan (IRP). What is the next step given a cybersecurity (or disaster recovery) incident?

i3 Business Solutions will come to your office, unveil a cybersecurity disaster, and help you learn from the experience. We’ll offer insight on your plan deficiencies, and we’ll learn together to continuously improve your current plan. Our security analysts can provide detailed documentation outlining proposed improvements to the IRP and can assist you in making any updates.


Depending on your industry an IRP Tabletop Exercise (or disaster recovery) should be performed at least annually. Another tabletop exercise may be in order if there are substantial changes to the environment during the year, such as an acquisition, move, or substantial software changes.

i3 offers this service in 2 ways:

Complementary 1 ½ hour tabletop exercise
Billable full review and writeup tabletop exercise

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Planning (IRP) Service

i3 Business Solutions offers consulting services for the creation, review and maintenance of your organization’s cybersecurity Incident Response Plan (IRP). i3 leverages both NIST & CISv8 standards and frameworks that speak to Incident Response These include but are not limited to Computer Security Incident Handling Guide published by NIST, the Incident Response Reference Guide published by Microsoft, CompTIA and ConnectWise Incident Response Plan guides.

The IRP will align to process and compliance requirements of all areas or
departments of the organization.

It includes the NIST standard six steps:


1. Preparation


2. Identification


3. Containment


4. Eradication

arrows rotate

5. Recover


6. Follow-up

It further includes compliance, legal, insurance, law enforcement, partner, customers, and culture.

The IRP is a living document that as previously stated, demands ongoing review and updating which reflects the organization’s technology changes, business changes, and changes in the threat landscape.

With i3 Fortress Cybersecurity Services you can have the confidence that if you are faced with an incident that may involve a breach, you have a team of experienced experts behind you, ready to respond.

further include compliance