Case Study: Haworth

Case Study: Haworth


Haworth, Inc. has annual sales in excess of $2 billion, more than 600 dealers nationwide, operations in more than 120 countries, and a strong history of innovation

  • First pre-wired panel
  • First adjustable keyboard pad
  • First line of user-controlled mobile furniture
  • First plug-and-play cabling
  • First asymmetrical lumbar adjustment


Enhance reliability of Haworth servers to ensure performance for 5,000 global users


Immediate improvement in performance, resulting in faster access to information and inquires resulting in improved internal and external customer satisfaction


5000 Users and a Global Customer Base Can’t Wait, So i3 Business Solutions Brings Immediate Results

“They come in and help with opportunities for improvement – a very proactive thing, keeping ideas in front of us, because we’re very busy, and if we don’t see issues coming, we can forget about them.”

When the servers at Haworth Inc. started to become less than completely reliable, the resulting problems were almost too numerous to mention. “Our customers were getting some intermittent-to-poor responses from us, and everyone in the company was affected,” said Mike Podjan, Haworth’s manager of IT servers, including HP/Unix, the company mainframe, storage environments, and DBA functions. “On a given day, it could be as many as 5,000 users, and we need to be responsive to customers on a global basis.” Haworth needed a partner that was resourceful, innovative and responsive enough to understand the challenges and implement the right solutions. It turned to i3 Business Solutions, whose team was led by Paul Lastas. The resulting improvement happened almost instantly.

“Within a couple of weeks, they had improved things,” Podjan said. “It helped us immediately to be able to improve the performance to our customers on the mainframe.”


Haworth engaged i3 Business Solutions to provide a variety of services, including:

  • System z CPU, disk and memory performance analysis
  • System z DB2 database and application optimization helped prevent spending millions on additional hardware
  • System z z/OS Operating System and System Tools software project management and execution
  • System z Managed Technology Services outsourcing of zSeries System Programming services System p hardware aquistion for subsidiary company application transition

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