Case Study: Skytron

Case Study: Skytron


Skytron provides state-of-the-art medical equipment in a variety of healthcare settings and hospital departments across North America. They are recognized for the highest quality products, and product menu available, with equally exceptional customer service.

  • 20 Factory Locations
  • Over 130 Users on Skytron Wide Area Network
  • Largest supplier of Medical Light Tables and Equipment Booms in the USA
  • Established in 1972


Physically move the company to a new world headquarters location and establish an improved data center.


A smooth transition with a minimal amount of business downtime and an enhanced data center.


Switch locations as efficiently as possible for our customers and employees

“This was a process that began six months in advance of the move, and with the help of i3 Business Solutions, it went as seamlessly as the you could possibly hope for.”

With Skytron’s mission to provide clinically superior equipment for their healthcare customers and their team-thinking approach to achieving that end, growth came quickly. From the onset they have listened closely to their customer’s needs and worked with their distribution and manufacturing partners to provide quality performance, from the products they sell to each and every service they provide. Skytron has remained true to their commitment of “customer service first,everything else will follow.” This market-centered approach has led to the development of the most innovative, time-tested medical equipment available. It is no small wonder that Skytron grew, from its original 34,000 square foot building to more than double that number in the new location.


i3 Business Solutions Provides Analysis, Design and Project Management of Skytron’s Technology Move

With their business growing substantially it was a natural step to approach i3 Business Solutions, LLC for assistance in making this move successful. i3’s predictive, problem-solving capabilities and IT Management Program were both essential elements in the culmination of this plan.

“We were facing a forced, fast move, and it had to be accomplished in a timely manner,” said Jim Nielsen, Skytron’s Director of Communications. “There was an immediate need to support the growth of the organization, move and improve the data center and create a bigger showroom for hospital group presentations.”

Steve Boersema, Network Engineer at i3 Business Solutions, LLC worked closely with Adam Catlin, Assistant Supervisor of Communications at Skytron on a project plan that included over 100 tasks, to assure a smooth transition. Each task, from coordinating vendors and suppliers to site and wireless surveys to design architecture was critical to success. “There were dozens of vendors and the data center to consider” said Catlin, “Not to mention our 100 plus employees.” “This was a process that began six months in advance of the move, and with the help of i3 Business Solutions, it went as seamlessly as you could possibly hope for.”

“i3 has been instrumental in the design and implementation of our IT infrastructure since the very beginning,” continues Catlin, “From introducing us to corporate email to the realization of our state-of-the-art data center, i3 has been an integral part of our IT systems development.”

A major challenge was coordinating both complicated telecom and internet schedules in a time sensitive situation. “We were not provided with new phone numbers until a week before the lines were installed -which created a few anxious moments,” said i3’s Steve Boersema.”Fortunately the phone and internet delivery happened just in time and the move progressed smoothly,” he adds, “You really become so engrossed in the design of the facility that it becomes your purpose to have a prize finish.”

The actual, physical move from Skytron’s original space, to their new world headquarters space of 68,320 square feet took place over a long weekend. The data center was down a total of only six hours, and now exists in an optimal,climate controlled, UPS, labeled and documented environment. “It was a smooth transition, remarkable, to say the least” says Jim Nielsen with pride. Employees were back to work Monday morning and as Adam Catlin says “The things you considered to mean ‘we’re back-in-business’ happened!”

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