Office 365 Groups in Outlook

Written by: Brandi Koloski

What's the Scoop on Office 365 Groups?

We all have a million things going on when we are at work. It is easy to lose track of what needs to be done, what has already been done, and just the overall progress and direction of company projects. This is where Office 365 Groups comes into play.

How So?

Groups allow for employees to keep updates and conversions going about current projects in the company. Users can read over new messages and updates at their own convenience and chime in with their own input when needed.

If you find yourself out of the office for a while, picking up where you left off when you return it as easy as ever. The same idea applies with the hire of a new employee. Instead of being left in the dark or having to take time to fill them in, they can easily catch up on their own and begin their own tasks.

But I Don't Have Time!

As I said before, we all have a million things going on and it can be hard to start to implement new features to a team. This is why we want to recommend some quick resources provided by Microsoft to get you up and running. Microsoft provides a series of short training videos based around Groups and their possible applications. We recommend you check them out!

What if I Want to Learn More?

If Groups intrigues you, join us at i3 Business Solutions to talk more in depth about the features and real life applications of Office 365 Collaboration Tools. Stay tuned for updates on our May event focused around Collaboration Tools to Work Better Together!

You can find updates and more information regarding this upcoming event on i3 Business Solutions' Upcoming Events page, as well as Facebook and Twitter.

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