DISC Profiles – What they can do for you

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Sep 10, 2017 4:00:07 AM
Written by Brandi Koloski, i3 Business Solutions - Marketing Assistant

What is DISC?

They say knowledge is power, and what better knowledge could you have other than a deeper knowledge of yourself, but this knowledge is only part of the bigger picture. You also need to know how to put all of this information to use in the world and in your interactions with others. The DISC assessment can provide you with the means to know what to do with this awareness and ultimately lead you to ways to succeed in the workplace and other significant areas in your life.

How does DISC help me?

In the assessment, you are asked a series of questions leading to a behavioral profile. The assessment is not intended to change anything about who you are but more so to make you more self-aware: for instance, perhaps the profile will uncover something about yourself that you would like to work on, or maybe you will come to the conclusion that you would thrive better in a different area of work. The overall goal of DISC is to help you find out if there is something more that you can do.

What can I do with my profile results?

You could do one of two things with your profile results:

  1. You could change your circumstances to something that would be a better fit for who you are.
  2. You could temporarily adjust to your current circumstances.

So why should I do this?

Overall, DISC is a great way to have a deeper understanding of yourself and how YOU work. This information can lead you into positive changes, if you see fit, or help you interact with the people around you! There is nothing to lose, only knowledge to gain.

If this is something that sounds interesting to you, then it is your lucky day! i3 Business Solutions has Partnered with Accelerate ROI to hold a DISC profile workshop: How to use your DISC profile for team success on September 20th.

Check out our EVENTS PAGE for other events that we host!

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