Mike Ritsema talks about cybersecurity and business

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Jul 25, 2019 12:17:16 PM

This week, Mike Ritsema, president of i3 Business Solutions, shares insightful business tips on how to protect your business from cybersecurity threats and disasters. With 20 years of experience in the technology industry, Mike is well-aware of the risks your business is vulnerable to. Approximately 1 million cyberattacks are attempted per day, and 43% of those cyberattacks are targeted towards small to medium sized businesses.

Sheri Welsh, who runs the Welsh Wire, a West Michigan-based podcast, asked Mike for his advice to businesses looking to secure their data. This is what he said every business should have:

1. A cloud layer – so somebody is always watching the Dark Web for any of your breached data and passwords
2. A firewall – so that the bad guys don’t get in
3. An antivirus and patching system – to protect the desktop and keep your systems up to date
4. Employee education – a majority of breaches occur from employees opening the wrong links
5. Data backup and recovery – in case anything does happen, a data recovery plan allows you to get all your lost information back

Mike believes that technology marches on, meaning businesses should constantly be evolving and mitigating new risks. Listen to the full interview below.

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