Friday Newsletter: April 29, 2022

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Apr 29, 2022 8:44:48 AM

i3 Business Solutions was “born out of IBM”, from IBM Business Partner firms, thus a foundation in enterprise technology. That includes Kathy, Tom, Randy, Pete, Ken, Scott, Mike, Dave, Robin, and me. Thus, we respect their history, perspective, and recommendations.

In this article, IBM CEO Arvind Krishna, makes some known and affirming points for any business:

IBM CEO Says AI’s Transformation of Business Will Take Another Decade

"We have got to understand the life science of AI. Otherwise, we are going to create a monster", Arvind Krisha says.

A summary of his opening points starts with a reformatted quote:

If I look at the sources of competitive advantage,

    2,000 years ago it was physical resources.

    Then it was trading

    Then it went to money.

    You then go to knowledge

    Today, it’s technology.

I think tech is the fundamental source of competitive advantage today”.

Mr. Krishna is saying that technology is a new competitive advantage for any business. He goes on to address the biggest challenge for business today.

WSJ: "What is the biggest challenge facing the CIO and enterprise technology going forward?"

Mr. Krishna: "Cybersecurity is the issue of the decade. I think that is the single biggest issue we all are going to face. You have to take an enterprise approach, layered defenses. You have got to encrypt your data. You have got to worry about access control. You have got to believe you will get broken into. You make sure that you can recover really quickly, especially when it comes to critical systems.

The risk of cybersecurity technology threats is businesses’ biggest challenge today. During which technology is driving the lion’s share of competitive advantage.

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Mike Ritsema

i3 Business Solutions, LLC

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