i3 Business Solutions joins forces with CompuCraft in 2024

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Jun 11, 2024 2:11:55 PM

i3 is thrilled to announce the acquisition of CompuCraft Technology Solutions, which closed at the end of Q1 2024After years of getting to know their founder Bill Smith, the acquisition became a clear fit that allowed him to exit while keeping their talent and client focus locally owned and complementing the i3 teamBy combining expertise in managed services for Apple and Windows PC support, we’re eager to be merging skillsets and service offerings that can service a broader market of industries within West Michigan. 


Brief history of CompuCraft:  

Bill Smith founded the company over 30 years ago in 1987, after becoming frustrated with a lack of prompt and professional service being offered by local computer dealers.  This led him into one of the first Apple Medalion certified resellers in the Midwest, by focusing on selling and servicing Apple products.  Over the years, CompuCraft has shifted into a full-service managed service provider (MSP) by offering Encompass as an IT managed services solution, which is very similar to i3’s Reliability R3 offerings.  This became the bedrock of what Bill likes to call boring IT. With boring IT comes less problems, less emergencies, and tighter security management.  Their systems and processes provide a service that brings proactive resources to IT management. 

CompuCraft strives to have friendly, certified technicians who are continually improving their skills. 

Values, mission, and vision 

Part of CompuCraft’s mission is to “Care passionately” which resonates well in their attention to detail, thorough planning sessions, and keeping the client first.  This is a team that cares passionately about our clients and cybersecurity, with a tight-nit culture that will complement i3’s existing team.  It is truly a strength that they’ve built as a bit of a smaller organization, that we see as a huge strength to caring for our clients as well. 

Bill Smith says, “Over the course of 34 years, I have dedicated my life to the development of CompuCraft Technology Solutions. Now, I am prepared to redirect my attention towards my family and other personal interests. The journey has been one of immense personal and professional pride, and I am confident that merging with i3 is the optimal path to ensure the preservation of this legacy.” 

To ensure a smooth transition, Bill Smith will remain actively involved for a minimum of one year. Mike Ritsema, Principal at i3 Business Solutions, will lead the company alongside our newly formed combined leadership team.  

After years of getting to know i3 founder, Mike Ritsema, the acquisition became a clear fit that allows Bill to exit while keeping our talent and client focus locally owned while complementing the i3 team.  i3 Business Solutions prides itself on Raving Fans service experience and checklist process excellence.  Their business model is nearly identical to CompuCraft’s, excepting their focus on cybersecurity risk mitigation. 

Not only does this allow us to drive innovation and broaden our service strengths, it provides an opportunity to increase i3’s talent pool and presence in the competitive space of managed technology and cybersecurity services. 

What does this mean to Michigan based businesses? 

  • Every bit of our attention and focus remains on you, our clients. 
  • Stronger experience including a focus on cybersecurity risk mitigation. 
  • Deeper resources, a larger support center team, and a wider variance of skillsets. 

i3 Business Solutions is a West Michigan family-owned technology services firm owned by Marcus and Mike Ritsema (shown in the photo with Bill Smith.) 

Looking for local, Michigan-based, Mac, Microsoft desktop and server, Microsoft 365, and cybersecurity technology support? Track down anyone at i3 Business Solutions to learn how we can help! 

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