West Michigan Peer Groups 2022

Mike Ritsema

i3 Business Solutions, in partnership with key experts and coaches, including Mary Witte of Accelerate ROI, is improving West Michigan Peer Groups (WMPG). WMPG is targeted at business executives who are interested in business improvement as they face growth and changes in their company and industry.


What's the purpose of WMPG?

The primary objective of these meetings and groups is to provide a virtual board of directors who hold entrepreneurs and small businesses accountable to the cadence of business execution excellence. Therefore, these meetings are not just educational and informative, but collaborative and planning oriented.

These peer groups will continue in 2022 and consist of 6-10 members per peer group. Members will be limited to CEOs, Presidents, and owners. For 2022 we are continuing to auger in on Traction by Gino Wickman (and its companion book - Get a Grip) focusing on improving business executions.

The meetings are at 8 AM and include:


  • Social interacton (15 mins)
  • Concept discussion (30 mins)
  • Collaboration, discussion, and perspective (45 mins)
  • Commitment, goal setting, and accountability (30 mins)

Again, the objective of these meetings is holding accountability to individual business improvement.

  • Planning: business and financial plans
  • Execution: leadership, management, and H.R.
  • Sales and Growth: innovation and change

We won't be just learning and talking about these concepts because educational content is nearly ubiquitous in this millennium. Who can consume it all? We will be discussing our challenges, sharing our successes, planning our execution level improvements, committing to next steps, then holding accountable to goals and commitments.

Is there a registration fee?

While there may be costs in the future to participate in West Michigan Peer Groups, this invitation grants you complimentary access for the first year. The peer group meets monthly for 2 hours at 8 AM. If interested, please contact Mike Ritsema at 616-719-4110.

Mike Ritsema, i3 Business Solutions

"My number one advice to individuals and business owners is find a mentor, find a peer group."

Malcolm Gladwell, The Tipping Point

"Because none of us get there by ourselves, we need to engage in honest dialogue with our peers and submit to their expectations of our accountability."

Mary Witte, Accelerate ROI

"If companies could be as disciplined about developing their people as they are their plan, an astounding performance improvement would be the reward."

Jill Geisler, Work Happy, What Great Bosses Know

"I've learned that when people put things into plan form, and let people know they've done it, it helps them stay committed to it."