Raving Fans Client Stories


Client Stories

We believe every organization’s success is tightly tied to its ability to adopt and leverage technology. Here are a few examples of how we’ve enabled our clients.


Jodi Van Haren

Dealing with I3 has been wonderful.  Phone is answered right away, all the time.  No voicemail to leave a message.  Problem is always assigned a ticket promptly and taken care and worked on right away. I think this was a good move.

Advantage Mechanical Refrigeration

Christian Vasquez

I am very satisfied with i3 and say, ‘Keep up the good work.’  I did ask Mike the question recently, ‘Does Brian A. ever get flustered?’

Mike replied, ‘No, he’s pretty level, steady, not too excitable.’

I then replied, ‘You know who he reminds me of?  Who’s that guy?  The Transporter – yes, that’s it the Transporter – Jason Stratham.  He’s the same way – and he even looks like him, too!’

That’s a good picture of i3.  They’re steady, not flustered, and just plain get the job done.  Kind of like The Transporter.

Vice President - Operations

Marian Coles

i3 Business Solutions has always given an experience that has exceeded plain customer service by taking it to more of a personal level. To me that is the most important part of our business relationship. They truly want our experience to be positive and to solve the problem. No company is 100% perfect. To me the bottom line is how are you going to fix this?

IT reliability is the most important part of our work process. They will work to fulfill all the promises that are made during the sales presentation. They are reliable, dependable and available to address any issues. I also love that there are no “techs” talking down to me. Just easy to understand answers to my questions and a willingness to work together to come up with a solution.

Sr. Director of Operations
United Methodist Foundation of Michigan

Kyle Brandt

I am a clinic manager at Retina Specialists of Michigan and we have been partnered with i3 for a good 8 years now.
They have been really integral with helping us transition to the next phase of healthcare. As you may know, healthcare is changing all the time and we have had to really transition our whole practice as we have expanded and gotten bigger.

As regulations have changed and with the implementation of our electronic medical records, i3 has been very integral in helping with that process. They have helped direct us, guide us and be there to troubleshoot anything we may need- a full managed IT that we don’t have to think about. i3 has the expertise and the knowledge to take care of those things for us and to be true partners in what we need.

With today's day and age and with the rise of ransomware, i3 has been there for us to create a plan, to make our data secure, to create backups of everything, to make restore points and to then test those restore points. This has ensured that our business will run smoothly no matter what comes up.

The great thing about i3 is that they are experts in their field, but they are also not afraid to go outside of that. They partner with a bunch of outside firms to get second opinions, to say "hey, we know a lot about this but we don't know everything. So we're going to trust this company and partner with that company.” For their clients, they do a great job of providing seminars, webinars, free things with the community to help us grow as a business and to become more efficient - to make our lives easier and to make serving our customers better through i3.

Clinic Manager
Retina Specialists of Michigan

Cheryl Daniels

Recently, we moved to our new facility. i3’s technical team was flawless. Even though I did worry about the details, I really didn’t have to. It was covered by Team i3.

I have worked with i3 for so long that I feel spoiled because we can be certain that they’ll follow up on all concerns. If you’re on the fence and costs are equal, I would recommend giving i3 a try. Use i3 for a small starter project, see what the service is all about, and I’m confident you’ll be impressed with their service and expertise.

Vice President - Finance
Compatico, Inc.

Scott Ehrhardt

As our company continues to grow and evolve, we have experienced some employee turnover.  It is extremely comforting to know that I can trust i3 Business Solutions to provide a high level of ‘real time’ security, as employees are exiting the team.  Equally, it’s extremely valuable to me that adding a new user is as simple as sending a quick email to the team at i3.

Outsourcing to an IT firm was a HUGE transition for us, both financially and also in terms of how we approach technology.  This was a big adjustment to wrap our minds around.  The toughest challenge there was for ME, to “let go” of the management of technology.  In hindsight, now that I have let go, I think there is something to be said for the TRUST that i3 was able to earn from me, throughout that process.  As a result, it’s now really valuable to me that we’ve been able to move from a REACTIVE state to a PROACTIVE one.

i3 does a great job in listening to feedback from their customers.  I think it’s this “people” factor that makes the difference for me.  I feel a personal relationship with everyone I deal with on a regular basis, from the top down.

Columbo's Floors To Go, Inc.

Cary Anderson

I’ve been very impressed with the Support Center as a whole. Tickets are handled very well and I’ve had no issues. Everyone is helpful, but David and Greg are great. It’s nice knowing that they have my back and are available to help.

Bulman Products, Inc.

Jim Nielsen

We were facing a forced, fast move, and it had to be accomplished in a timely manner. It was a smooth transition, remarkable, to say the least.

Director of Communications

Andy Lofgren

We don’t expect technology to be perfect, but it’s about getting it corrected in a timely fashion. That’s where I’ve been so impressed with i3’s ability to address any kind of issues that we have in a timely and professional manner.

The service has been fantastic - just what we need. And since we don’t have an IT department, I look at i3 as our IT department. We don’t need them all the time, but they’re there when we need them. That’s the best thing.

Executive Director
Home Builders Association of Greater Grand Rapids

Bernie Dewey

In 2009, our medical practice had one physician and basic IT needs.  We were frustrated with the service we had.  i3 came to the rescue and helped us navigate through the process of setting up our office functions and integrating our complicated machines. In 2015, our medical practice of 4 physicians and staff moved to a 10,000 sf building.  Throughout the planning, building and moving process i3 was involved in helping determine the best IT practices incorporating EHR, integrating multiple types of imaging equipment, phone systems, copy machines, etc.  The i3 staff continues to be supportive and efficient in helping us maneuver thru the tech side of running our business.

Not only does the i3 team support our network, servers, and users, the i3 team is willing to take on our complicated medical equipment and its integration.  They are always willing to learn about our practice and work through problems and issues with our various equipment manufacturers.  They work closely with our staff to be sure our systems are secure and continue to function at all levels.

I would not hesitate to refer a business client to i3 to schedule an appointment to review best business practices for their company; the support and advice will prove a valuable asset to the functioning of any business.

Practice Manager
Retina Specialists of Michigan

Adam Catlin

With the help of i3 Business Solutions, it went as seamlessly as you could possibly hope for. i3 has been instrumental in the design and implementation of our IT infrastructure since the very beginning. From introducing us to corporate email to the realization of our state-ofthe-art data center, i3 has been an integral part of our IT systems development.

Information Services Manager

Brian Toronyi

For over a decade, i3 has been a trusted advisor, partner, provider and extension of the B-Y Team. i3 is the Swiss Army knife of IT business solution providers.

Information Systems Operations Manager
Behler-Young Company

Bill Fisher

It’s given us a 24/7 system that has greatly enhanced productivity,” Fisher said. “It has self-service aspects for all the students, staff and faculty. And now we’re giving it lots of functionality.

i3 Business Solutions consistently proves itself to be the right partner. They’ve been very responsive and very helpful. They give us quick turn around on quotes and competitive pricing, and they definitely follow through on issues. They have a very knowledgeable staff.

Technology Support
Grand Valley State University