The remote office: what i3 Business Solutions has learned

When the pandemic first struck us in March, did your business have a disaster recovery plan? Who would have thought that a physical virus would have interrupted business operations? While everyone's office buildings were completely intact, employees were forced to go remote in a matter of days. You can listen to the webinar below to hear how i3 Business Solutions served customers just like you at the height of the pandemic and how we were able to migrate our users to remote offices seamlessly.

1:26 How to get business results from the home office 
3:29 How to secure and monitor remote workers
5:55 How to manage office space when working from home (ergonomics) - tips and advice 8:41 Why remote work works (from a Boomer’s perspective)
10:07 The idea that talent is everywhere, based on the book “Remote” by Jason Fried
11:32 Why time does not equal to results or productivity
12:41 Why asynchronous communication works
14:27 A perspective on physical office spaces
15:24 The challenge of maintaining company culture

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